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Mandela International has expertise in international trading and petroleum services, medical devices and consulting, hotels and hospitality services, economic development, solar and wind energy projects, drainage systems, and private jet acquisitions.

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Commercial and Residential Investments

We provide commercial, residential and government developmental and investment opportunities.

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Drainage System Projects

We provide residential and commercial drainage systems options that deliver the most cost effective management for your project.

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Economic Consultations

Mandela International's Economic Consultatations division provides corporations, law firms and government agencies with sophisticated and comprehensible analyses of complex economic issues to assist them in understanding the issues and opportunities they face.

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Hotels and Hospitality Services

We provide local and international establishments with operational and development services

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International Trading

International Trading Services covers imports, exports, and transportation.

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Petroleum Services

Petroleum Services cover oil and surface services, with all of our services provided by leading oil field experts

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Medical Devices and Consulting

Our concierge services include planning with projections, set up, site recommendations and finishing

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Private Jet Acquisitions

Our services include purchasing, rentals, and selling with financing available

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Solar and Wind Energy Projects

We offer customized renewable energy options. Chose from Geothermal, Solar, Wave, Wind or a hybrid solution to best fits your project.

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